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Apex Legends Shutdown Showdown to Spread COVID-19 Awareness

The Apex Legends Global Series might be up in the air currently regarding the future of it and its live events, but there is one new competition that is arriving on the scene. The Apex Legends Shutdown Showdown is a new event that will happen very soon and offer some great action.

Potential Apex Legends Crypto Heirloom Appears in Leak

Crypto may receive the next heirloom, according to a recent data mine. | Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A potential heirloom for Crypto may have been spotted in an Apex Legends data mine, suggesting the hacking Legend may be the next to receive one of the rare, prestigious cosmetics.

Apex Legends Dashboarding Issue Seems To Be Back – TechInSecs

Apex Legends recently turned its page to Kings Canyon, which is now the home of Ranked Play. The super competitive game mode will be available in the map for the rest of the season. That is great news for those who wanted to play on the map. But there is a bit of bad news coming from the split.

This Redditor Made Octane's "Butterfly Knife" Out of Legos | Beebom

Octane finally got some love from Respawn in their latest “System Override” event. The developers added the cool “Butterfly Knife” in the game for players to acquire. Now, take a look at this Redditor who used Legos to build the heirloom of Octane from the popular Battle Royale, Apex Legends.

Nadeshot Is in 'Love' With Call of Duty Warzone - Reveals One Major Issue - EssentiallySports

Nadeshot is in love with Call of Duty Warzone like most of the other people in the world. 100 Thieves founder is specifically in awe of the developers who created this game. But for the second time this week, Nade lashed out and warned devs about the disadvantages of familiar villain which in this case is SBMM(Skill Based Matchmaking).

The Valorant influencer beta weekend is underway

Streamers, esports pros, and other influencers are, as we speak, playing Riot’s upcoming competitive shooter Valorant in an online test weekend. Whitelisted accounts have been granted early access to the shooter this weekend, which is replacing a on-site influencer events that were cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.